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Claudia Secaf

I'm Claudia Secaf, producer and casting director in Brazil and I work with advertising campaigns at home and abroad.

At the beginning of my career  was in 1989 working with the best photographers and directors in Brazil; I was the pioneer in street casting in Brazil and due to some awards in the casting department, I had the privilege of partnerships and support from big names in the creative and audiovisual market.
I have academic training in Industrial Design and visual communication, being a professional working for many years as a teacher of architectural language, in addition to training in styling, which enabled me to add greater knowledge to creative development and specializations in the casting direction department and in cinematography in general and specializing in the production of international casting in advertising films.


I have developed an intelligent casting system, the CS cast that will ensure greater agility and extreme organization in the development of the cast production in each specific job

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