I am Claudia Secaf, casting director from Brazil and work with advertising campaigns at home and abroad. 

In the beginning of my career back in 1989, after working as a head producer of the best photographers in the Brazil, being  a pioneer in street casting in Brazil  and  due to some awards in the  casting department, I had the  privilege, besides working with my company Casting Director Claudia Maria Secaf ME, to also of starting my own casting agency to which the name was suggested by Nizan Guanaes (Retrato Falado Casa de Casting founded in 1995 due to being always in search of real beauty in real people)

As time went by, after specializing in casting department and cinematography, I have moved on to the international advertising film production as a casting director.


I have developed an intelligent casting system, the CS cast that will ensure greater agility and extreme organization in the development of the cast production in each specific job

About Retrato Falado Casting: Founded by Claudia Secaf, and nowadays under the coordination of great professionals, the Company Retrato Falado produces and directs castings with extensive experience since the 1990s, with an analytical and innovative approach in the search of new portraits and talents. It has a service open to film directors, photographers, casting producers, creative agencies, ... through continuous research .... Always launching ideas, the Company offers besides the traditional bank of images of actors, actresses and models , a unique archive of new talent searches where it captures the natural beauty of people of all ages and styles and offers greater agility and truthfulness to the final product.


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